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John Lemon, the zesty cousin of John Lennon, is a rockstar in the citrus world. He’s known for his tangy tunes and peely guitar solos, hes squeezed out a legendary career.

Often seen with his shades and a twist of lemon peel, hes inspired a whole generation of degens to ape with a hint of zest. Grab your juice box and shades, this is $LEMON.

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We have the tools, resources, and connections for big marketing, but ultimately community is everything in this project. Everyone is tired of getting rugged, pumped and dumped or otherwise scammed, so we are committed to do things differently. Our team is well known in the space and we have a guaranteed safe contract. Decisions are taken as a community. We are not just another degen project with a lifespan measured in hours. We are taking ERC back to the days when people held their bags and got behind the project.

Phase 1

- Deploying smart contract
- Create Telegram
- Launch on Uniswap
- Create socials
- Organic marketing

Phase 2

- Post-launch Telegram Marketing
- ERC trending
- TG Community Partnerships
- Twitter influencers

Phase 3

- Listing on coinmarketcap
- Listing on coingecko
- Community competitions

Phase 4

- Listings on reputable exchanges
- Partnerships with Influencers
- Community vote on potential utilities


We always get
the same question about the token

Know the frequently asked questions of our users.

1. Add ETH to your Trust wallet / Metamask wallet

2. Go to Uniswap.finance

3. Add $LEMON contract address

4. Press Swap

The liquidity is burnt, which prevents the money from being withdrawn from the liquidity.

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